I Am Norwae
I Am Norwae
Original Artist, Jazz Singer & Creative Soul

hey sister, I AM NORWAE

Singer, writer, woman, daydreamer. Artist, friend, daughter, sister. Trying to figure out where I stand in a world full of expectations, limitations and learned behaviours. Finding my breath as I move through life in a constantly changing, authentic and truthful way. Creativity is my best friend. Intuition is my connection to the world around me.


Hey Sister,

Let's say goodbye to the strangling thoughts that plague us. 

That feeling that we are never enough. The looking outside of ourselves to feel whole. 

The belief that if only we looked a certain way or behaved a certain way, we would be more likeable, more agreeable - more attractive.

The truth is that everything we need is inside us. 

The truth is that joy and acceptance begins in only one place. 

The truth is that no amount of external anything can make us feel at home or at peace with ourselves.

Love, happiness, tranquility and self-worth comes from within.

An ever-evolving process. A life-long journey.

Understanding ourselves takes time and requires grace, patience and a loving space that only we can give ourselves.

Hey Sister,

Everything you need is inside of you.

here to inspire, provoke and nourish you...

"The days of the priestesses, their temples and ceremonies are over, and because the wisdom of the feminine was not written down but transmitted orally (logos is a masculine principle), this sacred knowledge is lost. We cannot reclaim the past, but we can witness a world without her presence, a world which we exploit for greed and power, which we rape and pollute without real concern. And then we can begin the work of welcoming her back, of reconnecting with the divine that is at the core of creation, and learning once again how to work with the sacred principles of life. Without the intercession of the divine feminine we will remain in this physical and spiritual wasteland we have created, passing on to our children a diseased and desecrated world." 
-Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee, The Return of the Feminine and the World Soul